Handloom weaving involves interlacing warp and weft threads on looms that are operated and powered by hand or foot. The process is ecologically sound as the looms do not require electricity. Handwoven fabrics are soft, durable and breathable:  cool in summer, and warm in winter. Much of this is due to the human handling of the yarn during the weaving process.


Unlike power loom fabric, which puts the yarn under a lot of stress, the slow speed and gentle handling of yarn during the hand weaving process, ensures the fabric is less damaged and strained. As a result, handwoven fabric actually lasts longer than power loom fabric and the process allows the cotton/wool to retain much more of its innate qualities.


We work with handwoven fabric from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland as well as from a few different states in India, such as Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. We love to work with fabrics that tell a story and embody the character of the place where they are from.


Many of the weavers we collaborate with in India are from communities where weaving has been practiced for centuries – skills and knowledge passed down through the generations.

Learn more about each of our handwoven fabrics here:

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