Stripe Quilt

Simple, light and soft, our Stripe Quilt is made with the most lovely yarn-dyed, natural indigo cotton that has been expertly woven on a handloom by our weaving partners in South India. Our small team of in-house tailors carefully craft each quilt resulting in a timeless piece that will add comfort and texture to any interior.


The quilt is available in 2 sizes and is reversible, with a deep indigo pinstripe on one side, and a lighter indigo chambray on the other. It can be used all year round – as a summer blanket or an extra layer in winter. Drape it across the end of a bed, or cosy up with it on the sofa. Also makes an ideal picnic blanket.


We believe in expressing the natural character of a material and celebrating the means of its construction. Irregularities or variations in print, colour, weave and texture are subtle reminders that your product has been made by hand and is one of a kind.

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  • Mini size: 114 x 152 cm / 45 × 60”
  • Throw Size: 140 x 211 cm / 55 x 83"
  • Outer Material: 100% Naturally dyed handwoven cotton
  • Filling: 100% Cotton batting
  • Expertly crafted in our own workshop in South India

Naturally Dyed Handwoven Cotton

Pure cotton cloth made directly from raw cotton. The process involves using small-scale yarn-making units that have been designed to make yarn specifically for handlooms. The yarn is dyed naturally using plant-based dyestuffs, then hand woven into cloth. The lack of heavy and intense industrial processing results in a wonderfully textured fabric that is soft, absorbent and drapes beautifully. 


Handloom Weaving

Handwoven fabrics are soft, durable and breathable – many of these properties are due to the human handling of the yarn during the weaving process. Looms are operated and powered by hand or foot, so no electricity is required to make the cloth, resulting in the process being ecologically sound.


Natural Dyeing

This ancient technique involves obtaining pigment or dye from plants, insects or minerals. The majority of natural dyes come from roots, flowers, berries, seeds, nuts, leaves, and bark. We are drawn to natural dyes because they can produce far richer, more complex shades than synthetic dyes. Colours tend to have great depth and are very soothing to the eye.


We recommend washing in cold water by hand or on a gentle machine cycle.


Wash with a gentle, pH-neutral soap. 

Colour Care

Please note that some natural dyes may bleed during the first few washes, so we recommend washing alone or with similar colours. 


Air dry flat or line dry, keep out of direct sunlight. Iron when required. 

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114 x 152 cm, 140 x 211 cm